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In addition to the great customer service and support that you can expect from Gatco Treatment Systems, we offer the following services upon delivery of the system:

  • We will set the tank(s).
  • We can run wire from the aerator and pump to the control panel on initial delivery.
  • We can deliver any items (PVC pipe, fittings, couplings, glue, primer, etc.) needed for your installation from our wholesale store located in Waller.

At Gatco, we strive to be a one-stop shop for all of your aerobic and septic needs. Why waste time making several stops when you can have your supply order delivered at no charge with your scheduled Gatco tank delivery. After all, isn't time money?

We invite you to stop by our sister store (ProFlo) located at 20222 FM 362 in Waller, Texas. They are stocked with a full line of aerobic and septic system products designed specifically for your use in the waste water industry.

Listed below are some of the items we stock. Call us with your order and if we don't have the item in stock we can usually have it the next business day.

Aerobic Systems & Septic Tanks
Lift Stations
Grinder Pumps
Effluent Pumps
Lift Station Pumps
Spray Pumps & Floats
Control Panels
Drip Emitters
Gravel-less Pipe
Infiltrator Panels
PVC Pipe & Fittings
K-Rain Valves
Sprinkler heads
Flow Dividers
Electrical Supplies
Chlorine & Chlorinators
DeKorra Decorative Rocks
Valve Boxes
Replacement Aerators
Septic System Chemicals

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